Fractional Laser at Chiroplastica in Wroclaw

Fractional Laser is the latest generation device reputable brand as it guarantees safety and good treatment effects. When used skillfully, fractional laser may provide a solution to many problems in a short time.

Surgical fractional Laser CO2 Fire Xel

This fractional laser is a versatile device that can help with many ailments of the skin. Versatility of the technology means that we can successfully deal with problems such as acne scars and warts. Improvement of skin elasticity and smoothening it with this laser is also within our Patients'reach. As a result, we have a device that combines the best features of this type laser while maintaining maximum safety standards at the same time.



  • Reduction of acne scars
  • Therapy of photoaging efffects (pigmentation, wrinkles)
  • Skin smoothening and rejuvenation
  • Improvement of skin elasticity by collagen activation
  • Reduction of scars (hypertrophic, atrophic)
  • Reduction of stretch marks
  • Vaporization intraepithelial changes and dermalmarks
  • Excision of warts and polyps


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