This is a fairly new method called "non-surgical facelift", and is usually done in the face, but not only, it can also be successfully performed in areas such as neck, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and inner thigh area. PDO therads were invented in Korea, and have been used there successfully for years. In Poland they have become available just recently, and are gaining in popularity because they are less invasive and give a better effect than conventional surgical facelift. What's more, they really work, which cannot be said about many other treatments aimed at improving facial contours. After PDO lift, there is no effect of artificially stretched skin, and no disfiguring scars are left. This is nothing but internal scaffolding, modern cosmetic corset introduced in the structure of the skin. The skin is once again tight and firm. Of course, the internal scaffold is in not to be felt under the fingers. Not so long ago they used the golden thread in order to improve the oval and elasticity. Indeed, the effects of improving were visible, but the downside of this method is that golden threads that remain in the tissue forever. Maybe this is a pretty interesting investment in bad times, but it is much safer to use materials that are absorbed with time. Application of PDO threads is painless, because it is done under local anesthesia. If you would like to see what the the treatment looks like, take a look.