Blood tests before operation:

  • morphology
  • coagulation panel: INR, APTT and 
  • electrolytes: sodium, potassium
  • glucose (applies to general anesthesia), plus any other requested by the Doctor, e.g. THS levels 

Before leaving clinic please make sure to ask for:

  • Your prescription
  • What your medications are, when to take them
  • Post-operative aftercare instructions
  • Discharge paper
  • Dressing pack if you pre-ordered/paid for it

Between the discharge and return home date please ask the Clinic to confirm your check-up times.


  • Don’t take aspirin and its derivatives 5 days before the surgery. 
  • NO eating or drinking at least 6 hours before surgery (applies to general anesthesia).
  • If you are on any medications please take them with you to the clinic. 
  • Don’t drink alcohol 5 days before the surgery.
  • Don't take any stimulants or non-prescription medication 2 weeks before.
  • Bring comfortable and loose – fitting clothes. 
  • Please buy flight socks if you are having any procedure other than a tummy tuck.
  • Please buy a medical compression garment at an extra fee. The clinic can provide one if you give us your measurements in advance. 
  • Please try not to get ill/cold, if your surgery may be performed under general anesthetic and you must be absolutely healthy!
  • Please bring original copies of any appropriate medical documentation if it has been requested, e.g. bloodwork/doctors Letter, etc. 
  • Please be prepared and write a list of all questions you'd like us to answer during Your consultation; that way nothing feels rushed or forgotten.
  • Please take your EHIC card. If you don’t have one click on this link and register (its free) LINK TO EHIC
  • Please take a copy of medical travel Insurance. If you don’t have a policy please click on this link to get a quote/purchase a policy LINK TO INSURANCE

Documents to be completed by the patient:



Completed questionnaires should be sent to a few days before the planned visit to the clinic. Each patient qualified for surgical treatment at our clinic is consulted in order to obtain and perform the necessary tests that allow for surgical performance in a defined and predetermined range of anesthesia by our highly qualified team of anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists. We treat each patient in a completely individual way, both for surgery and anesthesia process. During a specialist consultation visit, the patient is informed about the possible need for withdrawal from certain drugs and replacement of them with other drugs to safely perform the surgical treatment. Such specialist consultations take place prior to surgery. If there is a need for medical certificates, including proof of sick leave, we issue such documents,too.